How to get the maximum value from this program

The Eat that FROG! Challenges have been designed to save you time learning the things you need to know to be an excellent manager of time and achieve personal and professional effectiveness.

Research in accelerated learning suggests several ways to learn faster and remember more. This program is based on advanced learning techniques that can help you become an expert in a very short time.

You remember only about 5% of what you hear. You remember 20% of what you see. You remember 40 to 50% of what you see and hear however you remember up to a remarkable 80% of what you see, hear, write and review. After six exposures to this material, spread over a period of time, you can achieve almost total recall. This program incorporates an accelerated learning system to get you the best results in the shortest possible time.

Some ideas for Learning, Retention, and Implementation with each module

  1. Read the introduction first
  2. Next complete the “Pre Module” quiz
  3. Then watch the video, with sub-titles and with the sound on, making notes as you go and stopping the video if you need to
  4. Next listen to the audio and as you do complete the blanks in the workbook
  5. Then read the transcript, making notes as you go
  6. After 1-5 complete the Implementation Exercises
  7. Studies show repeating the exercises a few times is one of the best ways to retain the knowledge you have acquired

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