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No skill is more closely correlated to success in life as managing your time well.The great news is these skills can be learned and you can learn them too!



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Over the last 35+ years over 5,000,000 (million) have attended Brian Tracy International courses on Personal Development, Leadership, Business Success, Sales and Sales Management while Eat That FROG! has helped over 10,000,000 (million) achieve Personal Efficiency

Brian Tracy The World's No: 1 Personal, Professional and Business Success Expert.

BTIC is 100% online from the comfort of your own office or home and with 24/7 access we work to your schedule not ours. You’re sure to find a great experience as we are e-Speaker Virtual Presenter Certified.

You’ll find a unique mutually supportive group of like-minded positive people sharing a common purpose and using the BTIC communication app you can mix, collaborate, learn with, learn from, and network with other BTIC Members and BTIC Coaches for mutual progress and benefit. 

This is our critical winning edge.

In one of the best motivational speeches of all time, Brian Tracy says
“you never do it alone.”

The Brian Tracy International Club and The Eat That FROG! Challenges are new to the UK. As you probably prefer to buy from those you know, like and trust we could write pages of copy telling you how great we are or we can take a shortcut and for a very limited time give you the very special pricing, great bonuses and valuable extras we usually reserve for those introduced by our existing members.

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What we know is the majority of people who buy books and courses on success don’t get any results at all. 
All of our programs are done with you, not done for you, and require work, commitment, and perseverence but, we also know All skills are learnable, we are not born with them. If you do the work, learn the world-class materials and, apply them consistently in your life then, by working with us, your success is 100% guaranteed.

“The lift to success is out of order but the stairs are always available.”  

BTIC’s Black and White 100% Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee!

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If you are dissatisfied with your program you can pay us what you think your experience was worth:

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  3. BONUS: One-Time Offer – If you complete any Challenge and then want to move up to BTIC Membership within 3-months, we’ll credit you 100% of the original cost of the Challenge towards your new purchase…


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